Powder coating area

@hon1nbo Can you tell me about any regulations, or rules you had to overcome before adding a powder coating / oven area? I was sent to you personally. Did you have to do anything special before adding the area? better ventilation, sprinklers etc? is it in its own area or room? we were thinking about adding powder coating to our space. thanks for your time. if there is a better way to discuss this, via email etc, just let me know.

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We have to spray outside, but the oven was able to be inside. It just required a lot of power, and a lockout process since it’s a confined space due to it’s size.


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do you have a rolling booth?

thank you for the information.

no, we have a popup tent. Filtered air going in and out, calm flow.

There are ground rods sunk outside to help with powder adhesion

The tent needs some TLC but is currently serviceable.

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I am interested in joining but have a couple of questions about your powder coating capibilities.

Is it capibil of shiny chrome finish?

How large of a piece can be put in the unit to be coated?

How do you pay for the coating?


Steve C

I suggest you take a look at samples from this vendor, they have an extensive gallery: https://www.prismaticpowders.com/

The oven has a 6’x3’x2’.8" open area after factoring in the slats. This is actually a harder question to answer since how you support your part / hang / stand / manipulate etc have a lot of variables

You only pay if you use our powder. Our powder is $1.25/ounce. Weigh the jar / bag before, and after to determine how much is used.

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Thanks, that was very helpful.