Powder coat oven

Any update on the oven? When will
It be in? Has it been purchased?

I’m waiting for it to start a project and just trying to get an idea when it will
Be available

Actually yes, sorta. The oven we voted on from Creative Coatings, does not have a UL listing.The components for that oven are UL listed however. Also I reached out to Eastwood, their oven is not UL listed either.

There is work going on in the background about it now.


@team_metal_shop any update on this?

Powder-X | Powder Coating Oven - Powder-X Ovens are UL listed

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Here is another to look at they might have one the right size. I do not remember the Dimensions offhand

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Powder coat ovens are very simple. I built one that would accommodate a bicycle frame. I have avoided offering to help build one for the space because it would not be a UL tested device. That might be significant for insurance reasons. Something to consider; would a non UL tested unit still fall under insurance guidelines? Not telling you not to but if insurance doesn’t cover accidental fire from as non UL tested oven, should you proceed? In MY case, I could carefully monitor who by and when the unit was used. Makerspace is different so strictly from an insurance POV, is it a good idea?

Basically any large purchase the answers will be, “it’s in the works but due to xxxxxxx and it’s impossible to nail down an exact timeframe for when it’ll happen but xxxxxxx has Been done we’re just waiting on xxxxxx which is out of our hands” for the foreseeable future

Kinda sounds like you’re tired of waiting too lol

Yea especially for items the board approved and committees approved them some odd 3 months and literally the manufacture is with throwing distance! We’re definitely taking the military mentality of “hurry up and wait”

Fazio has lots of ideas about how other people should spend their time working for him for free…


Hey I get we are a volunteer organization and I appreciate all the work done by them however I have to agree with him that they are taking to long on this oven. I only started out asking for an update which No one has given yet. If they would send out proactive updates people would probably be more willing to accept the long process.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m not defending metal shop. It’s pretty well known that the chair doesn’t like this project (he did a lot to try to remove powder coating altogether), so I’m not shocked that nothing has been done or that the old one was removed in pieces.

That said, especially given Charles’ history of being almost completely unresponsive, I’d imagine that the best course of action for those wanting movement on the project would be to attend a metal meeting and get involved. The board has signaled pretty clearly that they are happy with Charles’ job (so there’s no help there), and chattering about it on Talk rarely accomplishes much.


Also when I get text from a member that states this….

“Last I heard, Charles said that it wasn’t a priority for him to get the new oven purchased right now. That he didn’t want it in the room, but maybe it would go outside the room post expansion, so why bother now.”

And mind you it’s not the first time I have heard this myself and from others.

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I would agree. But you have to inform the mass so they can pull together

I guess you and I have differing opinions of how to get stuff done around DMS… To each his own, I guess. I just get tired of the constant complaining from a concentrated number of people who don’t do much of anything (don’t mean you, but you get the idea).


Oh yeah I completely understand. I have learned there’s several ways to get things done. I use several different ways.

Look it’s on me for why we don’t have an answer with Columbia & Powder X. I started looking at then further. However the past few days have been very busy for me.

Columbia has some verbiage that the components are UL listed, so I am going to get clarification on it.

I will follow up with them before the next meeting on the 8th


Awesome and thank you. I can understand the busy part anything I can do to help?

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No just how other people should spend the 500k that we got cause the offered rate was too good to pass up which means it was a jump on it now opportunity meaning we have the funds already, yet every project or necessity of more that 1500$ is stalled, on hold, behind red tape, (even though In one instance the manufacturer is literally down the street with them in stock, both board and committee vote approved 3 months ago!) so I just have a different idea of what ( we’re gonna get a 500k loan to improve the space means)

Or know too much