Potential buy of 2007 haas mini mill & toolroom lathe

hello my name is Dylan Halsey,
i would like to present the offer of purchasing some lightly used equipment from a trade school. the two machines are likely a 2007 haas mini mill and a 2007 haas tool room lathe. i have done this for the haas vf-2 when the space was smaller. we have the chance to get some great machines for the space.


It was nice talking to you Sunday. We are having our committee meeting in alomost 2 weeks. If you cant join us then we can discuss here on talk & then talk about it formally in the committee meeting. I think we do need more information on both of them.


I’d consider throwing money in the pot. Do we know a price?


Not as of yet.

Justin K: Dylan and myself will be at the committee meeting to further discuss the possible acquisition of more cnc equipment. We are presently waiting for more information on the machines and will keep the forum up to date on the details. I was in the engineering class and have personally used the machines in question. They have been very well maintained and are in near perfect condition with very low hours. All the tooling that the space has presently will work with the mill in question (cat 40 taper).

this is what the lathe is a 2007 tl-1 lathe


Here we go again… I’m good for $200. Who will match me?


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I am in for $200.

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@Dylan_James_Halsey, Have you found anymore information? We will likely have to fully fund it sheer by members from what it sounds like. I want to see what the interest is.

the teacher hasn’t gotten to us yet. it might be due to the fact that it is summer maybe i dunno. the machines are not going anywhere though. it is an inside deal so not to worry.

I can donate $100. Im out of town the next 3 machine shop committee meeting dates assuming they are around the third Saturday of the month.

4th Saturdays of each month is the Machine Shop meetings.

Great, then I’m just out for June. Helping my daughter and potential future son in law move from prime summer weather in Portland OR to peak summer heat in Mesa AZ.