Post Apocalyptic Weaponry - The Earth Abides


The Earth Abides is a post apocalyptic book written in 1949 by George R. Stewart. In it he describes the fall of civilization and a small group trying to rebuild it. I won’t go into details in case you’d like to read it, but one of the things they do is create arrowheads by pounding out coins. There’s no use for the coins anymore and there’s plenty of them. So I decided to make a few. Both these arrowheads were cold-pounded out of one quarter.


Just how do you use an RFID Post Apocalypticly?

No, but seriously cool… We need to get the arrow maker to teach a class. Perhaps, he will show up tonight for the meeting.


Good book. Neat what you did there


Nice stuff.

I know The Dude Abides, but didn’t know the Earth did also.


Stainless spoons give you a better faster result with less effort and with a far better metal.

If it’s really post apocalypse there’ll be a lot of extra spoons…


look i think we will all be out of metaphorical Spoons if the apocalypse happens niche mental health humor


I could see the difference in stresses after the Apocalypse might actually leave a few more spoons (or spell slots if you’ve seen that extension on the spoon idea) than in out current society.

I’ll have to check out earth abides sounds like it could be interesting.


He used a Dremel where a bandsaw would be better. Heck, I think a hacksaw would still be faster than a Dremel. :slight_smile: