(Possible) New Member Tour

Hi, I was interested in possibly joining the Makerspace, but wanted to get a tour to check out the facilities and get a feel for the place first. I was directed here to ask if anyone would be able to help me out. Unfortunately, my schedule is kind of locked, due to working 9-6ish M-F, but I could meet someone later in the evening or anytime on the weekend. I’m especially interested in the ceramics area, but I also have experience in photography, printmaking, book arts, and metalsmithing. I know some of those aren’t really a main stay at DMS, but just for info. I’d really appreciate any help you guys can provide. Thanks.


Hello glad to see you’re interested and you’re going to be absolutely likely overwhelmed by all the things that we do here. They are starting some chores but I’m not sure exactly when they’re started. I’m not able to be at the building as much as I wish I could or otherwise I would offer to give you a tour. We have a fabulous printmaking area we have people are stand for tography and I don’t know what type of metal is missing you do but we have the metal shop the Machine Shop and we have a a lot of metalsmithing and we have a member in fact he sells his books at Scarborough Fair. So you’ll find songs you’ll find those that are interested in all those things here and yes we have a fabulous Ceramics area

ha! You’ve got prime tour hours free! We’re all volunteers here and finding someone at 2 in the morning is easier than getting someone during business hours lol.

I’m sure someone will get you sorted. I’d personally offer to give you a tour but I’d only be able to help you in the Metal Shop (hot/dirty metal work), Machine Shop (cold/clean metal work), and Electronics areas so you’d probably want to hold off until you can get someone who does ceramics/printmaking.

If you have any questions about equipment or whatever feel free to ask here while you’re waiting for a guide. Also we have a wiki which each area should keep up to date on equipment an policy.

Here’s the Metal Shop’s page for reference. https://dallasmakerspace.org/wiki/Category:Metal_Shop


Here’s another not-really-helpful response. I’m personally crazy-busy for a couple more weeks, so I’m not volunteering to give you a tour.

For Ceramics, @Synth83 is the current committee chair. She, like you, has a day job. @Monikat is very helpful. She’s up here mornings usually, but that includes Saturday morning. Mind you, she might be busy.

We’ve got a couple of other folks that give 1-on-1 tours, but I’m going to let them chime in on their own.

At some point, we’ll be going back to the Saturday morning tours, but we’ve got to get by the monthly Board meeting, so that’s going to be sometime later in June.

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I have some time Sunday morning around 10am if you’d like to chat about Ceramics and that time works for you.


Sunday morning around 10 works perfect for me. Thanks so much!

And thanks to everyone else for the replies as well. Really appreciate it.


I’ll meet you by the lobby door at 10 AM.

See you Sunday