Portraying Pinball Parts on Mountings: 9/24 7:30 PM

Hey folks, check out our event this Thursday: https://calendar.dallasmakerspace.org/events/view/15989

Let’s round up spare pinball parts that would be useful for educational purposes once we can begin exhibiting at festivals again. We’ve got some in VECTOR, but also consider bringing any you’re willing to part with. We can make these exhibits using our parts and spare misfit 10x10 cuttings to show off things like score reels, stepper relays, pop bumpers, flippers, drop targets, and/or whatever else that is useful or cool that we have lying around.


  • Exactly what to build, and how many
  • Mounting hardware to hold these displays off the table so they can move freely & unencumbered
  • Mounting hardware & fasteners for the parts to the boards
  • Power - need a free 24VAC power supply for the solenoids (or if running on DC, find the appropriate voltage by http://ecmweb.com/content/using-ac-coils-dc-power and regulate as needed)

There’s a chance to gain from this valuable templates that could be used to produce custom games, as the mountings and holes need to be precision drilled to get the part in exactly the right spot.

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The Inland Pro Mini Arduino is on sale at Micro Center for $4.99ea. We should buy about 2 dozen of them for Vector. Use them with mosfet drivers to run the solenoids.

Stephen, you forgot I have 24v DC power supplies here… :slight_smile:

Oh, and MC has single relay modules for $1.99ea…

At the Mini Maker Faire in Denver a few years back, a guy had a pinball demo setup which showed many of the individual pinball machine components (bumpers, counters, etc.). They were powered, so you could poke/prod them and watch the mechanics “under” the table. Very cool display.

@mrcity and @Shawn_Christian: I have 10 of these, NIB, if you think they will work:

24v 2.1A DC output