Portraits in Wood

I’m trying to create a class on the marquetry/Inlay portraits I’ve been doing lately. Looking to do it Dec 5. As soon as I can get past the errors it should be up. Class is limited to 8 and this will likely be the only time I do this one (it is a special request from 2 members). Cost will be $10. If you’re interested in doing something like the ones I’ve done, keep a lookout on the Calendar for the class. cheers!


Yay!!! I’ve been hoping you would do a class and crossing my fingers it would happen before I went out of town for vacation. I scored on both points! I’ll definitely be looking out for the class to go live.

Eyes glued to the calendar!!!

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Problems are resolved and the class has been submitted. Expect it to go live in 48 hours (Tues around 8:15)


Am or pm???

It should go live in the AM.

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Is this laser-based?

I’m guessing a.m., since he said 48 hours.

It is mostly laser based but I do touch on using the CNC and old school methods.

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You guys better leave me 1 spot! :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :wink:

Hoping I can snag a spot. What time on December 5th?

1-3 pm for the lecture then about an hour out at the Epulog Fusion

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Well dang. I get off at 1 :confused:

Dang. That’s the same day as the raku event. Alas

I usually start at 10 min after the hour - so realistically 1:10

Camping with Scouts that weekend… sure you don’t want to have another [non-Monday] class? Hopefully I can shoulder surf someone who made the class sometime.

You can still do the 1-3 class portion. If you’re already using the Fusion you’d have no problem

Sorry I’m doing this as a special request so I wasn’t planning to do this as a regular thing

What prerequisites are there for this course?

None. But if you haven’t cleared on any of the lasers you will want to

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