Portraits in Wood Followup (veneer Press)

For those that took my class - If you are interested in building a simple veneer press here is a video link: veneer press.
Personally, I set my veneer work under a 1’x2’ granite slab.

2nd - as far as a finish I use Watco Oil in natural. I also like using Watco’s Satin wax. I found both at wood world. The best oil I have used in the past was Dura Seal Quick Coat Finish which is a bit hard to find other than at flooring companies. For a soft finish some sort of tung oil works well.

3rd - the veneer sheets at wood world are 2’ x 8’ and are 10 mil thick. Cost varies by square foot and species. I picked up a nice Ash sheet which I can dye into most colors I’ll need. Cheers!


I blame you. :wink: You were right. I can’t stop at just one! I haven’t cut yet, but I have my vectors done for two images.

It was a great class. Thanks much for the class and all the info. And also a shout out to thank @coloneldan for the veneers he provided.


Any plans for another in the future?

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sorry, not in the immediate future. I’m planning a Christmas in July class of veneered Christmas ornaments but nothing else yet. I got another 96,000 gun parts to do between now and then so kinda busy.


you’re very welcome. Make me proud.
I’ve started on my Magnum Opus which has 175 pieces in it. Gonna take me about 2 months to finish.

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