Portraits in Wood Epilog Reservation

I see that people that are NOT signed up for the class at 1PM are trying to sign up for the class demo at 3PM. Come On guys, this is the only way I can reserve the machine without tying up a classroom for an hour and no one be in the room. The only participants allowed will be those that are also in the class. If you show up anyway, I’ll have to send you away. As it is, we’ll have to do it in shifts to uphold social distancing rules. Just hold on, I’ll be doing this again in January sometime.


It didn’t occur to me that we needed to sign up for both. Thanks for pointing that out.

no one needs to sign up for this. It was created to reserve the equipment for the 1pm class group.
The current procedure ties a classroom to equipment reservation. I didn’t want to continue the lecture hall for an extra hour since we wouldn’t be there. But there is no way to set zero participants to an event.

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When I last taught with a split structure like this, we set the equipment section to 1 with instructor approval, then approved ourselves as the one…

People were still confused, but couldn’t sign up for anything…


Great idea. I’ll do that next time. Cheers

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