Portable Paint Booth Advice?


I’m looking for a portable paint booth to use in my home shop. I have a window just a couple feet from my work table that’s very accessible. I was looking at this one in particular, but I’d like to know if anyone uses something else they prefer?

It appears this particular one is sold under different brand names, but is the same equipment. The goal is to reduce/remove fumes from airbrushing minis, and leather dye.


I have one. Love it. Highly recommend you take contact paper and apply it to the surfaces. Peel it off to remove paint build up. Re-apply.


If you’re spraying lacquers or oil-based paints, keep a fire extinguisher handy - especially when blowing out your airbrush with solvent. Looks like the motor isn’t explosion-proof. From the description:

Full 1-Year Warranty: Not intended for use with Hazardous Materials, Flammable or Explosive Paints or Materials

Not to be too alarmist, just keep it in mind. When I built scale models I used to use a homemade paint booth cobbled from an old stove vent hood, a big cardboard box, and a furnace filter. I sprayed flammable lacquers and enamels all the time and never had an issue. I hear it only takes one fire to turn one into a believer in explosion-proof fans, however.


Good to know. I only use water based leather dyes. I’m not sure about the airbrush paint though.


We had one at the space for airbrushing I haven’t seen it in a good long while.


Outstanding advice!

Fire extinguishers are inexpensive - cheap insurance.


Any specific kind of contact paper? I would imagine anything with a glossy finish won’t soak up the paint well right?


I just use the clear stuff labeled “contact paper” from WalMart.