Polling Places and Wait Times

It’s the first day to vote in Texas! I found this and I thought I’d share, you can see a map of polling places and current wait times. 145 minutes at my local one! I might have to go to American Airlines Center, at least they’ve got plenty of room.

Dallas County
Collin County
Tarrant County


I’m just going to wait a few days. I would imagine the first day is going to be more packed than normal as people have been eager to cast their votes in this election. Granted, I’m in Collin County, and the lines seem to be generally shorter here anyway compared to what I’ve heard.


Nope, I’m going now. I want to make sure I get it done.

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Denton County Voting Information

Went this morning myself, took about 45 minutes.

There were other locations in Lewisville that said they had no line. Hedrick House and Macedonia Baptist Church



You and I vote at the same location. Let me know how bad the lines are, please.

I haven’t been yet, but according to the real time wait estimator below:


It’s “under 20 mins” right now.


Voted in Lake Dallas (Denton County) and had no wait at 1815


I voted in Lucas (Collin County) this morning: zero wait. There had been perhaps 40 people who voted ahead of me in the two hours the poll had been open.

During Early voting, you may vote at ANY voting location within your county of residence. On Election Day, you are supposed to vote within your Precinct. You might look for a small town within your county and Early vote there.


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Take your Reg Card and photo ID, you won’t have any problem voting at any poll in your Texas county.

Do you need registration card or will a driver’s license suffice? They usually (at my normal polling place) just find my name on a list and cross it off. Not sure how early voting works since can vote anywhere.

The license suffices. In fact, they sometimes ignore the fact I bring a registration card, and only stamp mine when I give them the puppy dog face.


I’ve always used my DL.

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Everyone was talking about how Hedrick House had no line today. Watch it have a huge line tomorrow! :rofl: I’m hoping to go there tomorrow to vote. Hope there’s still no line. :crossed_fingers:


Geez I haven’t been to Hedrick House since some C.A.P. meetings in 1988.

Just swing by Music City mall. I went there yesterday and was in and out in under 10 minutes. Zero line, filling in the squares with a pen took longer than anything.

It was about 30 minutes wait at the rec center off Harry Hines last night. First time I’ve ever seen any kind of a line for early voting - I’m usually the only one there.

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20 minute wait yesterday afternoon at the Renner Frankford library and things seemed steady when I was leaving.


I voted at Hendricks House on Tuesday. Zero wait time.

I went to Hedrick House on Weds. and there was no line that day either. It’s so hidden, no one seems to know about it. LOL

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