Poll: Should we stock both Letter and Legal size dye-sub paper?

I have a question for all of those people that are doing dye sublimation at the 'Space. Should we stock both letter-size and legal-size dye sub paper, or just legal-size? The price that CA is charging is the same for both, $1/page in lots of 5 pages.

  • Yes, Stock both letter & legal paper.
  • No, Just stock legal paper.

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I’ll be getting both this week to replenish our supplies, but I’m curious what you all think.

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If they are approximately the same cost, then just stock legal. No reason to go through the hassle of tracking and replenishing two separate items.

Just my one cent worth.

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The poll isn’t working,

Is there a sufficient cost difference in the paper to add the complexity of billing, maintaining, and explaining why you would want the smaller sheet size?

Just asking because if they cost within 50 cents to a dollar of each other, I would suggest just sticking with legal.

Grrr, You beeat me by a split second @John_Marlow :smile:


It is now!

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Sorry, first time making a poll, and fubared it pretty good.

The cost difference for buying the paper is a difference of 4 cents per page. The $1/page charge by CA is to cover the cost of both the paper and the ink used by the dye sub process.

Personally, the only time I use letter-size paper is when I’m out of legal-size and still have letter-size left over from the free paper that came with the printer.


You can always trim it, too. I’d say just inventory legal size.


Well Thanks for asking and all you do to keep our dye-sub running. I vote to keep your life easy Legal paper till we have a printer that can handle tabloid sheets. :slight_smile:

Polls are a pain to setup, especially on your first try. At least, @LisaSelk isn’t ribbing you like she did me. :smile:



I just bought 40 stainless steel tumblers a 5 bucks a pop. I can do stainless can’t I? Is There anything special I need to do and how much time do I heat it. I took your first class and I want to thank you and your wife for being such good folks and teachers.

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They have to have a polymer coating for the dye sub ink to adhere to. If they are uncoated stainless, then the ink may appear to transfer, and then wash off the first time through the dish washer. It also depends on whether it will fit one of the mug press inserts. You don’t say what size tumblers you bought.

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30 ounce. Where can I get the polymer coating and not have to pay an arm and a leg for something I might not use?

I can measure the diameter it that will help.

Cory, Could we speak on the phone at some point?
I think we can sort out my problem quickly.

13" diameter. On the portion I want to subliminate.

Are you sure you don’t mean circumference? 13" diameter is the size of a large watermelon.


I think that is the Uber Super Mega Gulp size that 7-11 sells. Have to show proof of medical insurance to buy due to high probability of renal failure.

I’ll bet it’s the mondo huge stainless steel tumbers that that guy posted here for clearance a couple weeks ago!

It is 4" in diameter. Sorry. I forgot my geometry. You would think I would remember as I harvest my own trees to make furniture and ask folks for circumference and they give me diameter.

It is 4". Geometry was 53 years ago.
You would think I would pay attention but I am at work.

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When I took the class from Carey I looked into what was possible and found some stuff that you could paint on, but it looked to be a lot more difficult than I had hoped to apply.


Adam, I will check it out. I bought 30 of the 30 oz tumblers. I am sure I could do laser but that is a lot of work also. I will try to find the easiest and best route and then let everyone know. Thank you for your info.

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