Poll on Open Carry

But it has… it happened at the old space occasionally. I don’t want to force someone to talk about something they don’t want to talk about, so I’m just going to leave it at that. Basically, there were a few members that would jokingly point unloaded guns at people accidentally. As in they were pointing a gun at a wall and someone opened a door and the person holding the gun turned around (with the gun pointing forward) to see who it was.

Ok this makes total sense to me, i can see why a responsible CHL owner would not want to screw up what they’ve spent time to earn.

I’ve only been at the space a few months and i’ve seen some people do some really weird things. So I’m not making up scenarios, i’m forecasting credible scenarios that have a good chance of happening.

Its a comfort level, same with any tool, the higher the comfort, the higher the risk of carelessness. If the general population feels that everyone is gonna abide by the rules set and or responsibly handle themselves accordingly the okie dokie. Your no longer reasoning with person about a machine, your reasoning with a person about a gun. I’d just rather not put myself in a spot where somebody has to tell me hey can you do something with that, it makes me nervous.

I’m gonna be curious to see what threads come up after the rules have been set, and how many people try to bend the rules per se about how they percieve they should handle there own gun in a public place.

I’m getting the popcorn out for these, the complaints are gonna be classic.

Gonna do my own @Nick face palms :smile: Either way, i hope it all works out in everyones best interests, so we can all be happy, coexist and make STUFF.

First, what you describe is not the same as previous examples- accidental discharges, loaded weapons being left on tables, and groups with rifles roaming the halls.

Second, since you are now bringing up things that occurred well in the past, why do we suddenly need a rule change now? If the rule changes weren’t needed when these incidents occurred, what is the justification for them now?

BTW, @bscharff All guns are to be treated as loaded at all times. Any one ‘playing’ with one should be banned, and that doesn’t need a new rule to do. It is covered just like any other reckless behavior.


That sounds like accidental behavior where something should have been said at the time and if repeated, action taken.

That is not behavior that I would expect any firearms owner to support the right to do. Nor should it take any written policy for any firearms owner to know that was unacceptable behavior.

My own interpretation of the concealed/open carry situation is that unless DMS provides a specific space for clearing weapons, loaded handguns can’t be removed from the holster unless the use of force is justified. I would expect that by the standards of the law, without a designated place to clear weapons, any firearm to be worked on, cleaned, etc within the space would have to enter the space unloaded and remain that way.


I find it confusing that the people who are not in favor of open carry are being derided for their reliance on ‘worst case scenarios’ when the people who are insistant that open carry is important feel strongly that they are in danger and might need their gun to defend themselves at any time in the space.



If we want to open the rules up to deal with ‘worst case scenarios’ then therre are plenty of other more likely ones to deal with considering all of the potentially dangerous tools, equipment and materials in use at the space.

As a general rule it seems that the space doesn’t create rules until there is a problem. Do we need a thousand pages of rules for every conceivable possibility? The bottom line is that nothing is likely to occur on Jan 1st versus the last year, beyond you might see a gun that was otherwise hidden from you.

Police prevent violent crime by cleaning up after, and punishing the guilty, providing a deterrent effect. That police are necessary shows that I might be the unfortunate recipient of one of those violent crimes. I would rather not wait minutes for help in a situation where seconds count.

And open carry isn’t about feeling in danger at the space, it is about going about as much of your day in the exact same state of preparedness as possible. Why should we have to change how we are outfitted for the day simply because we elected to spend time with friends and acquaintances at the maker space?

Because some of us don’t know you, and don’t know how safe you are with that. Why should I be regularly subjected to potentially ignorant and irresponsible gun owners (how am I supposed to tell the difference just by looking at you?) on the extremely remote chance that DMS experiences a hostage situation?


You don’t have to be.

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Awesome! Thanks for agreeing that carrying in the makerspace is generally unnecessary and introduces more risks than it prevents. I’m glad we could work this out in such a cordial manner.


Given that, perhaps California or one of the other states with restricted gun laws. If you go out in public in Texas then you are in frequent contact with armed people you don’t know.

What was that you said to me about insulting language earlier?


You do know that for the last 20 years, at any place of business without a 30.06 or 51% sign, or more recently, any municipal building that is not a courtroom, or posted council meeting, you are already in the company of random members of the public who are legally carrying? And come the first, any of those licensed members of the public can open carry any place that does not post 30.07? What suddenly makes this same group of people more dangerous on January 1?

Also, I would suggest that members of the maker space have a lot more in common with each other than the random members of the public, and generally far better better behave around each other.


Given that, perhaps California or one of the other states with restricted gun laws. If you go out in public in Texas then you are in frequent contact with armed people you don’t know.

You are in California, as well. You just have the assurance of knowing that they are all criminals and none of them are law-abiding.

Criminals don’t ever carry guns if they don’t have to fear their victims being armed… :smiling_imp:

It is pretty obvious that most of the gun proponents in this thread have zero regard for anyone else’s calculus of safety.


My post above was only half-serious, as an example of the opposite logic of “a criminal might try something”. Er, rather, it’s the same logic, it’s just the opposite position. That many of you cannot even acknowledge that having a firearm may constitute some kind of safety tradeoff is disconcerting and illogical. People who make these arguments, then tell me they’re going to carry, everybody else be damned…

What am I supposed to think about you? Really? How can I not be at least a little bit afraid of your ability to make sound decisions?

I have not seriously suggested anywhere that no one should be able to concealed carry. But here we are, many of you arguing that your rights to carry anywhere and everywhere have no limits.

When people take this hard-line stance, am I supposed to think I might not find you carrying your AR-15 into the Taco Bell? Starbucks? Makerspace?

Gentlemen, it is your attitude that scares me more than your guns.


You are claiming to want a ‘safety’ that you can’t have at most public spaces in Texas. You shop for groceries, clothes, etc. That stranger standing next to you may be armed. So yes, if you want to feel safe from being near an armed stranger, you are stuck essentially in your home or leaving Texas for a state with more restrictive gun laws.

That is not a ‘gun nuts’ opinion, but simply a fact. It also doesn’t change regardless of what rules DMS institute.

Are you intentionally missing the point, or do you really have that much difficulty understanding a different point of view?

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Do you have a point beyond seeing someone besides yourself with a gun makes you uncomfortable?

You claim your fine with people carrying a holstered gun under their clothes, yet seem to be saying that when that holster is on the outside of their clothing you are now in danger.