Police Robot HERE WE GO

Skynet is inevitable.

Exterminate! Exterminate!!

Lease at 60-$70k a year, what a joke. Most REAL rookie officers start at a lower wage :frowning:


How soon before these are cracked to do other things?

Most real cops also end at a lower wage



I like how it was vandalized immediately! That police robot will get locked in a closet.

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Can we get one for makerspace?

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Maybe we can get one that prints money for us.


How much can go wrong?
Let me count the ways.

  1. RoboCop is part of the name. Did they not see the frickin’ movie for frick’s sake? Not the results they want to invoke.
  2. Can get a real police officer for less money, plus a K9 Officer to boot.
  3. Paintballs take out HPRoboCops entire arsenal.
  4. An ever-present creative challenge to tip one over.

Imagine this scene in the Great State of Texas: Pickup pulls up, a few people pile out with a tarp, throw RoboCop in the back, slam the tailgate shut, and are gone in 10 seconds. Where’s RoboCop NOW? Huh?


Josh’s last post had way more potential,

With a few mods…

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So in the Texas scenario it’s gone in 10 seconds, missing for a couple of months, then reappears as a Dalek.

I know just the geeks to make that happen. :slight_smile:


It’s important to compare against the fully loaded cost per year for that employee. Wages are only part of the total. For instance, the robot doesn’t need health care or a pension. I think a typical employees total cost is usually 1.25 - 1.4 times their salary, though a government employee may be more perhaps, I’m not at all clear.

I’d still expect total costs to be higher with this sort of thing but I’m also pretty sure the costs will only come down…

They also can work longer hours and don’t get overtime pay. But all that should be qualified to point out it’s really a mobile surveillance system. Comparing to a human because of the marketing name is kinda silly.

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Seeing that people have robots, to the point that red light cameras have also been banned, even with all the cost benefits, police robots probably won’t happen within the next 50 years

Robocop is inevitable.

China is sliding surely back to totalitarian rule. When the powers that be feel they can no longer trust human enforcers, it is a small step from their reliance on surveillance by technology to enforcement.

The issue in this country is unrelated but very real. The anti-police movements have made it extremely undesirable to be in law enforcement. When battleground cities cannot hire the cops they need, what will they do?


But all it can do is take video and roll around.

Klaatu is waiting in the wings.

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