PM drum sander sandpaper

Do you all know if anyone local carries supplies for the drum sander? I have a job that will likely wreck a whole piece.

If there’s any extra in the shop, I believe you could just make a donation to the kiosk. What’s gonna tear up the drum sander that bad?

Any slab. :wink:

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If it’s used properly a slab won’t tear up the paper. Just make sure it’s square before you put it through and wait until it stops making contact to lower it (by .025" or less each time). There will be new belts in on Monday. If you would still like to purchase your own belt, they’re $10 each. You can pay for it at the kiosk like Nate suggested. I am not aware of a local vendor, but here is the link we use.


im actually sanding some 12” pieces that are about 1/2” thick. They have an epoxy fill over a laser thing. Its fully cured and doesnt cause any problems with my home sander. Ill follow the protocols Mark suggested and if I gum up the paper Ill pay and replace. Thx all.

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Woodcraft has them as a 3pack. Cheaper online of course