Please reserve the smallest room possible for meetings and classes


Hey, Classroom space is tight. And it will get tighter as Interactive is taken offline for months.

I ask that people please try to use the smallest room possible for events, meetings, and classes.

This would be, in order of smallest to largest:
Conference Room
Purple Room
Digital Media (for DM related events)
Lecture Hall

I am guilty of choosing Lecture Hall when possible. Love the big screen. But I am trying to better use the smaller rooms and leave the big rooms open for bigger events.

Thank you!


Why is interactive going to be inactive?




Excellent points.

When the first wave of moves happens (from 104 into 102), then the Galley and 3D Fab can become classrooms. and that can help. The timing depends on how many volunteers we can get to help convert those rooms into classrooms. It’s especially critical in the Galley because the racks for the personal storage bins will need to be removed, etc.