Please remove this


I can’t come in until tomorrow, so
Could someone (@Team_Logistics) please move the pallet that has been left in front of the cabinets. It is blocking the area that must be left open as a fire exit/egress per fire code. It can be moved to the nw corner of the shop where we store our other items.

If possible, please check that the exit in front of the dock is also clear. As per BoD action - any member is authorized to clear that exit. I know we only have to put up with this behavior for a couple of more months, but until then let’s keep everyone safe. thank you all.


Somebody stood it up next to the Haas now. It’s got a sign on it that says “Back soon - Trent”. I’ll check later today to see if Trent showed up yet. The pathway is clear. I looked around and I really didn’t see a spot that looked any better to stand it. If he’s not back by this evening (or if it’s in somebody’s way), then I’ll find it a different spot.


I’ll be taking tit 102 tomorrow plus another one I hope to store some of the electrical racks for Mmachine Shop.


I had wood on the pallet in question, but didn’t leave the pallet in the area it’s currently in. Someone moved the pallet jack and placed the pallet in the walkway. Want to confirm I didn’t leave the pallet in the fire exit.