Please help me change a file type .bin to .pck

Does any one know how to change a .bin file to a .pck file I need to do this for a project. I am working on if you know how to do this and could pm instruction or post them here it would be greatly appreciated.
Joshua W

We would need to know the type of binary file you’re trying to convert, and then the target application. Without knowing the target application type, it’ll be near impossible to tell you how to convert it.


I think the answers I have are i need help changing aa eeprom.binary file from spin to a .pck file for a based program does that help get me closer to solving this issue.

wait… let me make sure we’re all on the same page here.

Your end goal is to have a System Center Configuration Manager file to be used by an MS C# .net core app with the original contents coming from machine code (ie 1’s, 0’s not assembly) that’s stored(or was stored) via an eeprom and now is as a .bin file?

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