Please add this to Woodshop Basics

Please add a short thing to Woodshop Basics asking members to load/unload quickly and not leave the garage door open. Air conditioning all of Carrollton is not very cost effective, and mosquitoes indoors are not pleasant.

If you have a big load, and the lift bay is empty, please drive in, close the door and load/unload… then as soon as possible get out of Automotive. (We have had a few members use Automotive as an all day parking spot in the past.)

Also, please don’t use the garage door as a “man door”. If all you are carrying is your morning coffee, please use the door with the stairs.


Perhaps a Membership entrance exam question?

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Sadly, the bulk of the issue would be addressed by adding it to Woodshop Basics. Leaving the garage door open seems to be a predominately Woodshop thing… with Automotive being a distant second.

It is unclear how much Woodshop Basics is helping at all.

They still have people breaking things. They still have people not cleaning up after themselves. Dust collection is still a problem.

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And lets not forget the woodshop basics teacher who cut part of their thumb off on a table saw…

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You mean we need a rule against Woodworking Under the Influence?

@Team_Moderators please lock this thread. It’s apparently woodshop’s week to be complained about by people who don’t participate in the committee, and if they have issues, they can come to a meeting or contact @Azalaket


I feel perfectly in the right to point out where Woodshop negligence effects committees that I do work with on a DAILY basis.


“We don’t like what people are saying, so they should be silenced!”


@StanSimmons thanks for bringing this up. I’ll mention it to the instructors, but no promises that members will abide. Perhaps infrastructure should make informative signs that remind ALL members to keep the doors closed.


In the last 3 weeks, I’ve watched you and @wandrson get into gleeful arguments about how other committees choose to operate their areas and operations.

First, three weeks ago, the two of you decided that it was time to abuse the Fired Arts committee. Then, the following week, it was time for more rampant speculation and accusations of God-knows-what against the Laser committee.

This week, apparently you’ve decided to interject your opinions and complaints about woodshop.

You’re like the biddies on the HOA board that like to drag board meetings on for hour after hour complaining about the color of the flowers that people pick to put in their flowerbox out front.

Seriously, if you have a complaint about the committee, feel free to bring it to a committee meeting.

If you feel that our training program is lacking, write up a replacement.

Barring that, go make something.

Given that Stan’s issue has been addressed, I’ll reiterate my ask for @Team_Moderators to lock this thread. There’s nowhere to go but down from here.


Yeah… about that… I’ve made signs, but I’m convinced that Makers make, not read. :wink:


How about a technical solution?

Many access control doors feature a sensor that, if disconnected (the door being opened for more than a predefined amount of time) triggers a siren or strobe or both.

How about we retrofit that in, thereby providing incentive to keep the door shut?


I wish we could retrofit some common sense in to some of our members…


Common sense is uncommon.


Stan’s point, I think, is to reinforce the idea at several contact points with makers. Of course, if no one reads a sign, its not likely she or he will remember a, “oh, by the way…don’t forget.” :face_with_raised_eyebrow: How about engaging others who do have the common sense and remind them that if you see the doors open and you don’t see anyone around, shut the overhead. Yet another point of contact…

How about granting all badges access to the roll up door reader? Then members can roll the lumber cart out, close the door while loading it, and open it back up when they are ready to roll back up the ramp. Or if fetching a vehicle to (un)load or bring into the automotive bay, they can walk out the man door and only open the bay when they are at the bottom of the ramp.

All badges currently have access to the roll up door reader as far as I know?

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At one point, it was select members of infrastructure and handicapped members only. If it was changed, I’m guessing most of membership doesn’t know.

That would require the lumber cart not be sitting in Pallet Storage with an engine on top of it.