PLCC52 to DIP adapter

Does anyone have a PLCC52 to DIP adapter to use in reading the NVRAM off of a 68HC11 CPU?

I have the programmer, just not the adapter.


@william_petefish might have one.

If so, it would help me help my neighbor’s son. He has a CNC controller that is messed up and needs to copy the NVRAM off the old chip, provided it’s still working enough to read it.

The data needs to be written to the replacement chip.

I have a PLCC52 to a 2-row header (which is not a 52 pin DIP) …

I may have one. Will need to take a look for it.

IF I have it, I also have the Chipmax 2 that should be able to read it out and write the new one. IF I don’t have it, I can order one from Mouser.

Need the part number to be sure it will work.


PA52-48A-1 / HA52PL48DB is the part #s for the adapter.

I’ve never had a need to do a 52 pin PLCC so I was not wanting to spend the money on that adapter as even on eBay it’s about $183 shipped.

I have 2 TopMax and a TopMax II programmer here, the big brothers to your Chipmax 2, so no problem on reading/writing. I just didn’t have the adapter.

My neighbor has a CNC mill and the controller is based off the 68HC11. I’ve copied the EPROM in there and replaced a fried tantalum capacitor, but something went bad on a couple of I/O lines on the CPU. He put in a replacement, but we need to try to copy the NVRAM off the old CPU and write it to the new.