Plastisol Transfers

Does anyone here have a company that does plastisol transfers for them? Or know of anyone local that would be able to do such a thing? I just want them to print my design onto transfers for me and me heat press them.

I have used Transfer Express MANY times with great results. They offer other options for custom transfers, too. They have always sent we a few extra transfers to test with, and offer quick shipping.


Thank you! I will check them out :slight_smile:

Yes, Cary is right - Stahl’s makes doing short runs super easy. The other option is printed HTV if you need color without separation, but not things like splatters, gradients or things that really lend themselves to screenprinting.

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If you’re ordering them, it’s hard to beat the 1 color program at F&M Expressions. IIRC, it works out to about $0.37/ea for a one color after setup and shipping.

Plastisol transfers are super easy to print too - you can run them just fine on any manual press. Just have to burn the screen in reverse and run it through some transfer powder before it goes through the dryer. Cure it to about 230 or so. GSG has the transfer paper and powder for pretty cheap.

Astrud and I already have the supplies for this, and we’ve had plans to teach a class on it at some point…