Plastic heat press

Hello, I’ve noticed the plastics area is missing a proposal for a heat press. I have more than a few projects that are needing a heat press at plastic temperatures.

Does anyone in this wide world have a flat panini press? Ie: no grill marks

Or, does anyone have some ability to turn a griddle marks style panini press into a flat no decoration style panini press?

I’ve been scouring the thrift stores for a while but finding a plain flat heat press is suprisingly difficult.

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Mind if I ask what you are making with a heat press?

perhaps a tortilla press? Depends on your application.


Being able to make flat plastic is a pretty important step in diy plastic work. Specifically off the top of my head: goggle lenses using soda bottles instead of new acrylic, box enclosures for those budget tiny artiduno, diy side hard lining for leather pouches (like a nook case),box enclosures for respirator kits, etc etc


Forehead slap* a tortilla press seems like something so obvious I should have thought of it. I havent been a Texan my whole life. Great suggestion thank you.

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Stupid question of the thread:
tortilla presses are not (as far as I understand) designed for application of heat; do you not need that to do what you’re wanting to do in this scenario?

Although being made of cast iron (in this example), one might think one could heat them to some extent…

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The cooking plates on panini/grill appliances are often reversible like this one. So they do not come with a separate set of plates.

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i’ll have to look at the ones at the thrift store again. thanks for the tip!~