Plaster plate mold location?


At one time there were several plate and platter molds on the concrete table. I offered to store them at home until the move since Glass could make glass molds with them. Jason Woods said he was going to build a shelf for the molds.

The shelf did not get built and the platter molds are gone. Did they go to off site storage?


Crickets chirping on this one


I’ll see if I can look around later when I get to the space. Some of the molds are on the cart – did you look at all of those?

Large numbers of folks don’t seem to be around right now (January). There’s a meeting tonight at 7 – ask there?


I will ask tonight if you cannot make the meeting


The consensus at the meeting was that they just vanished one day. I vaguely remember that @JasonM314 had talked about wanting to use them??? Alternately, does any one remember seeing somebody take them? They’re kinda big, and kinda heavy. @dianarhodes – do you remember anybody talking about using/taking them?


I used the small plate mold back in the May-June time frame, but I put it back in the cabinet when I was done. This was before the big mold influx.


I think @dianarhodes roads was taking a lot of them home to catalog them. Lets hope they are there or in storage.
I picked them out for GlassWorks / Ceramics to use so I have a big interest in what happened to them.


I received a text from Diana and Jayson they do not know where the molds went. Last hope they are in storage. Not sure how this big of a pile of large molds could be moved with no one in the loop.


Okay, so, I hadn’t been up to the space much in 2019 yet, but I finally made it by today.
The big platter mold that Anita had requested for the glass committee’s use is right where it always has been, under the table against the back wall.
The rest of the plate molds are either in the small cabinet or underneath the table with the tablecloth on it.
None of them have seem to have gone anywhere. If anyone is still missing anything, then I’m afraid that even being specific won’t help, since we don’t have an inventory system to keep track of the molds. However, as you can see in the attached pictures, quite a few plate and bowl molds are still here.


Thank you! I think that they just got scattered, and nobody seemed to know specifically where they’d moved to, so there was confusion.


Yea I saw them yesterday, didn’t look like as many as we once had. So I agree, I think they are scattered. I want to see if I can soon can get some help making some molds for GlassWorks. Thanks!