Plasma cutter table/handheld plasma torch help

Hello is anyone who could teach me how to use the plasma cutter table and handheld torch going to be available any time soon. All help is appreciated.

Not sure about the handheld torch, but classes for plasma cam show up on the DMS event calendar every 3-4 weeks or so. Use this link to get to a view of scheduled classes relating specifically to Metal Shop plasma cutter: Metal Shop Plasma Cutter Classes

(note: the item that currently shows up is not actually a class, and full-blown training on the plasma cutter will likely not be available at that event.)

Take the hot process safety class first, its required for most other metal shop classes. In person is better for new people likely to have questions and @Mrholthaus just setup an online option
hot process class

We are trying metal shop tutoring every few weeks. The next one is monday dec 5. Main goal is to help new people to get through the learning curve. Depending on what we cover might be able to consider machine checkoff.


So – have you taken the online course yet? Let me (or someone here) know if you’ve got any questions.

For instance, I find that I’ll have people in the in-person classes who don’t know what galvanized (zinc-coated) metal looks like.

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For new members, in-person classes are best. We are more like an exclusive private club than a business, we let anyone join but only skilled creative self learners who make friends tend to stick around. The core group of people who keep the space running are all friends.

Meeting people, Coordinating a time to practice together, learning who to talk to about all the questions not specific to any given class, and seeing familiar faces is as important as the class topic.

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Profound observation. Spot on!

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