Planer won’t come on

I was in the shop using the planer and it cut off. It didn’t sound weird or anything. Hit the red switch and attempted to turn it on again and it was a no go. This happened around 7:30am.

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It appeared that this was a ~1.5" wide end-grain cutting board you were planning…correct? If so:

-1) Wider stock like that will put more stress on the motor just due to the greater surface area in contact with cutters.

-2) End grain is always harder to cut, be it table saw, jointer, or planer. The drum sander is usually the tool of choice for the final flattening of end grain material.

-3) And it appeared that you spun the height adjustment wheel a few times for that last cut, or while it was actually being passed through the machine? – my experience with this planer is no more than a full turn for any cut is the general limit. For a piece as wide as what you were working on, maybe 1/2 turn max.

At any rate, it looks like it is just a popped circuit breaker. Easily sorted by someone that can get into the mechanical room area where the electric panel is, I think.


Not second-guessing, but to clarify,

  • No end grain on the jointer or planer. Hard on the machines, will not produce good results [best case], will tear the board up and can cause lots of damage [worst case]: Running an End Grain Cutting Board in a Planer? - YouTube

  • The height adjustment wheel should only be turned 1/2 to 1/4 turn max - and never while the piece is being pulled/run through the machine. For really hardwoods [or wider material], I would do 1/4 turn - you’ll get a better finish [even if it takes a couple more passes]

But for end grain cutting boards, the only way to flatten them in our shop are router sled [I think there is a jig - but a fancy one that can handle slabs is being constructed], the drum sander [go slow - see: Instructions, or the MultiCam [while hard to get certified [right now] - there are people willing to run a job if needed].


Please note the Woodshop Rules and Recommendations are posted on the wiki File:Woodshop Rules 03 02 2022.pdf - Dallas Makerspace
and in paper form in the shop between the miter saw and the window.

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Thank you! I’ll take all of this into consideration.

I try to move at a slower pace. I try not to go more than 1/4 at a time, but the needle didn’t seem to be moving. I’ll make sure to do less.

My fault. I appreciate the feedback more than you know!


And No End Grain!

Thank you :blush:

This has been fixed. The breaker was tripped.