Planer interlock is working again inexplicably

Apparently the planer shut off in the middle of a cut and the badge reader had no lights and wasn’t beeping. It was already disassembled and bypassed when I first saw it so I didn’t get to witness the fault myself, but @Kevin and maybe @shoottx saw it first-hand.

I took the interlock to electronics and bench tested it and couldn’t find any problems so I reinstalled it on the planer and magically it’s working again. Maybe there was a loose wire somewhere, but that’s just rampant speculation.

Anyway I’m just posting this for documentation in case it happens again or if @Robert_Davidson wants to investigate further.

Oh and I just remembered the one thing I didn’t test is whether the current transformer keeps the interlock from timing out while the motor is running.

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Gremlins… … … …

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Maybe the source of the gremlins was the power surges and intermittent power outages from the storm? Or are we getting “dirtier” power than usual as power is being restored across the metroplex?

Idk but caution don’t ever plug anything with a network card besides the planer rfid reader into the network work cable coming out of the planer power box or it will probably catch on fire. Don’t ask me how I know this.

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The LED’s should always be on and it should always beep if that is not happening the reader is not getting power.

What can happen is if the current sensor was not properly connected than the interlock can turn off the machine during a cut since it does not know the machine is running.

For troubleshooting there are LED lights on everything.
If the board shows red LED it’s not connected to internet if it shows Green it is connected and working.
RFID reader will always have a LED on.
Power Supply also has LED’s showing it has power.

I am not finding how to go to the green dot category.


Click the link she gave you, or it’s the "Member Access (Green Dot) category, where you ask to be given your Green Dot.