PLANER certification request

I have six 1”x8”s I need to run through the machine.

tagging @shoottx he’s the woodshop chair and vice chair @Mrksls2

Oh, and you might request your green dot in the green dot section. That’ll give you access to the few members-only sections.

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You might need to complete this sooner, but I have posted the Woodshop 1-4 classes for Feb 25 [Woodshop 1&2] and Feb 27 [Woodshop 3&4]. We cover all the stationary woodworking machines in the woodshop [with the exception of the lathes and cnc]. The classes should go live in roughly 48 hours…


You can also take the " Complete Woodshop Safety/Breadboard Class" put on by Mark Salas. He typically adds them for a couple Saturdays or Sundays [usually hit the calendar sometime the week ahead of time].

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Troy didn’t identify his material. As a curiosity, are there still restrictions on using yellow pine on the planer?

Thank you. I need to get done sooner but beggars can’t be choosers;)
Thank you!

I’ll be at the space tonight and could run your stuff through the planer for you as long as you don’t intend to turn it into sheets of paper or something.

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What time should I be there?

I’m here probably until 8 or 9?

I will be there before 745

Yes, southern yellow pine is still restricted on the jointer and planer only. It’s fine on any other machine. Pressure treated lumber is prohibited throughout the woodshop. Tuesday the 18th at 6:00pm will be my next class. It will show up on the calendar in a couple of days.


I am near the woodshop