Pit documenting

Please document any ceramic pitting issues here. Make sure to put glaze and clay type.

This piece pitted very bad.
my personal glaze - ancient copper 3 coats
Clay body Soledate
First 2 pic pitted cheese tray
3rd pic same glaze same clay body no pits. This is to show I don’t beflieve it’s the clay body or glaze.


3rd pic image


This is a great idea! I think this is a great project for you to take on.

Which kiln would be helpful too if known obv.

First week of Jan

Obsidian new bottle.
Personal Brushes

Ancient Copper Personal Newish
Personal Brushes

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Sooooooo… Strictly based on what I read on the Amaco FB page, we’d also need to know when (and where) they were bisqued. And, at least we’ve got the pics of the kilns so we can see what shelf they were on in the bisque kiln.


We have determined that a Gatsby, the large kiln, is not getting near to temp in the bisque process. I thought I posted the kiln pic in the Ceramics thread but it was in the firing teams thread.

We will not use the kiln until the elements are replaced.

Left to right is top to bottom shelves.



Johnny, do you have any pics

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Here are some of our pittings. I don’t think I need to put all, just to show that it has been going on for a while. Not just mine, Steve’s also.