Pipe desk, need structural pipe and fittings

I’ve got the itch to make a pipe desk. I’ve just learned there is “structural pipe and fittings”, but it seems the only big box store to carry this is Lowes. Can;t find it on the Home Depot website.

I know Lowes wil likely cut the structural pipe to size for me, but is there a lighter weight or thinner wall alternative that is still hardy, yet can be cut to size with hand tools for adjustments after I get home?

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What size? You have things like floor flanges & crosses. Then you can use a pipe notcher to make welded joints

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Also you have different types of fittings. Cast iron, Malleable iron & Forged.

Here is a document


Lowes seems to only stock 3/4” and 1.25” structural pipe. I’d likely use the 1.25” pipe. The fittings with set screws they stock are specific to these pipe sizes.

Thanks for the catalog…it doesn’t seem to have the structural fittings with the set screws.

If you want some free pipe, there are 2 pallets of pipe in the warehouse that is excess to our needs. Nice steel pipe, threaded and with some pipe flanges. The pipe is painted grey. Use what you need, save some for others.


Do we have a pipe cutter?

https://www.grainger.com/category/material-handling/structures-and-sheds/modular-pipe-and-rail-fittings?analytics=nsNav Is this what you are thinking of??

Yes. I actually found most of what I need at Lowes today. Turns out they are the cheapest supplier…now I’m trying to find butcher block tops…best I can find so far is 2-60” and a 36” for about $400 shipped or local pickup, but not in a color I’d like…

Presumably you’re aware of Ikeas offerings on butcher blocks…
I know nothing of them, just that they stock some.

I have a pile of lowe’s structural pipe stuff in my garage for a project I didn’t finish if you’re interested, I’d let it go for a discount.

It’s basically a rectangle with all the required fittings and connectors to add a desktop or side panels.

We wiil have a pipe stand with vise and pipe threading dies soon when i have time to drop them off

@jast Thanks. Ikea is already on the list. Likely will become my choice unless I get lucky and find something else local

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@evanfort Send me a PM with a couple pics, color, nominal pipe size and what part of town you are in. I’m looking for the black, 3/4" fittings.

sent you a message

Making some progress. Pipe and hardware acquired. Butcher block delivered yesterday, cutting out the return and the credenza today.



(And yes…cutting will happen after the home fusion Hatch Chile vodka has worn off :wink: