Pinball repair work needed


I have a couple of pinball machines that need some minor troubleshooting/repair that is just above my skill level. I thought I would ask for going rates, etc. for anyone that has this skill. One is a 1980 Williams “Highspeed Getaway II” (electronics, CPUs and LEDs) that has a problem with flippers and launcher not working (high power circuit?) and the other is a 1970s Gottlieb “300” (mostly electro-mechanical) that has a scoring problem with the old number wheels.

Feel free to PM me. I can get parts if needed, just need help diagnosing the exact items needed. I also have the service manuals.

Or if you have a referral, that would be appreciated also.







Sorry for the delay from your initial post earlier this week. I have been feeling under the weather for the last few days with a stomach bug so I have been a little behind on things following the big move into the new area.

If you are looking to get them repaired quickly you may want to check with Evan Smith “The Pinsmith”. He does onsite repairs of pinball and arcade games as his day job. He is really quick at finding and fixing issues and carries some basic parts with him that are commonly needed. He is pretty reasonable on the price. Even I call him out about once every year or two to deal with issues I don’t want to deal with myself or I am stumped on a problem and I do 95% of my own repairs.

Currently we have several games that are about to leave and be replaced with several others that have been on the waiting list a while. I do not know how soon I could get one of your games into a bay to work on it but it would probably be 2-3 weeks at the earliest. We can help you troubleshoot the issue and guide you through the repair process but it will take considerably longer than having Evan come fix it.

The 300 probably just has some dirty switch contacts, dirty and sluggish gummed up steppers and score reels and the usual EM issues. Nothing needing a ton of parts but it is just basic cleaning and adjusting needed that is common to all old EM pins. It is a little time consuming but not too difficult to learn. There is not built in diagnostics on EM games so if there is a malfunction you often have to look at the schematics and work out where the logic error is and follow the path to identify where the issues may be located.

The Highspeed could be several issues. It may simply be just a fuse but often if the fuse is blown it is blown for a reason. Could be a failure in the power supply circuit for the coils. If it is not booting all the way or having weird issues there may be battery corrosion on the MPU from leaky batteries. That is a big pain to clean up and repair. Would need to know more details on if there are any error messages the game is displaying or if other coils are working so I can look at the schematics and figure out where the fault likely is at.

If you are looking to sell them after Evan fixes them feel free to post them on the DFW Pinball & Arcade Club or DFW Pinball, Arcade & Coin Op Classifieds groups on Facebook. I am the primary admin of the DFW Pinball & Arcade Club.

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Second @Shawn_Christian,
Evan the Pinsmith is awesome, as you have 2 machines needing work, you will likely meet the minimum time charge without wasting money. Plus, you get to start a relationship with the best guy to know when you have a pinball problem and no clue how to fix it. He is 1 of 1 in our area for this.



Thanks Shawn, I need to get out of my warehouse, so I will contact Evan and see what he can do to help me. I’ll update you if I decide to wait for a slot at DMS.