Pinball machine restoration request

TLDR: I’d like to fix up, sell, and/or potentially trade a pinball machine. (Pics below)

I’m in the process of clearing out a structure in Athens, TX on my grandparents land in preparation for demo and apparently they have had a pinball machine… Anywho… As I recall there was a group up there that restored such things so I thought I’d see what could be done for it. I’m willing to spend some money on it but my hands are too full at the moment to take on learning how to do it myself

If anyone is interested in purchasing the machine as is asking price is $600. which, is apparently what they gave for it in its current state before immediately adding it to the hoard…

I can arrange to transport it to the makerspace for restoration, and it doesn’t matter to me how long it takes. to the best of my knowledge it has been kept out of the elements but not in a temperature or humidity controlled space for the last 5-15 years. It doesn’t need to be like new or even necessarily like original but it’s old enough it still has a functioning tilt and the original card offering 10cent plays or three for a quarter so i really wanna save it and put it in the house I’m currently trying desperately to plan


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thank you! :slight_smile:

Vector would be glad to show you how to restore it but we do not restore other peoples games. We like to teach others how to do it on their own.


Perhaps there is someone who wants to learn but doesn’t have a machine of their own?

There are folks in the area that do detailed restorations, but I don’t know of any DMS member that would be able to take on a full restoration.

You can find them out here: DFW Pinball & Arcade Club

@Mandaris If you haven’t found a buyer yet, please reach out to Ken Head at [email protected] . He’s an expert at restoring Gottlieb EM games from the 1960s and 70s, and provided a few games for the all-EM pinball tournament I hosted last year. I showed him this thread and he would like to talk to you.

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