Pile o' laser projects

I have a few things here… 2x K40 style laser projects. One has a 3rd party PWM controller installed in it to give better control. I had it running the motors around but never got to finishing things up. The other had a fire that affected the wiring to the LED laser spot, laser head, lens, mirror, and the bearings on the head. Some parts were purchased, but the wrong lens tube was received off eBay so that project sat.

$200 will get you all of it.

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Do you know if the 3rd party board is a cohesion 3D? If so I would buy that from you and even give you a Nano board so your listing is complete.

It is… but I need the space so I’m selling the whole lot.

I pulled the trigger on a new OMTech 50W laser. :slight_smile:

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