Picked this up earlier for $5 if anyone is interested in making a MIDI drum set


I have too many projects as-is. I may eventually get to it, but if someone has an immediate interest in such a project - it’s available to you.


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Some people on the internet are doing hardware hacks to make it Midi, I think a more interesting and useful approach would be a software approach. Do protocol conversion so you can use any XBox accessory with our projects.


I have never seen a set with the optional cymbals.


Yeah, I think it would make a cool MIDI toy


it takes a lot of work. you’d have to switch out pezios variable for the current on/off velocity trigger configuation. after that, it gets easy! just a 1/4 audio jack is standard on electric drumsets to transmit individual pads to a standard drum controller. And since you’re digging out the guts of the drumset anways you might as well put solar mesh over the pads so they’re not intolerable. and BY THEN you’re better off just using a bandsaw and cutting regular ol pads in half and then turning THOSE into drum pads.Unless you’re commited to a cute standing Police style 80s kit

I had an acquaintance a while back make me a custom midi drum “brain” from scratch but it is NOT a simple project. better off just buying that part of the project.

theres plenty of videos of people doing this exact project if anyone wants to grok youtube for a while.


or you could just download RB2Midi freeware and not do any of that.


For anyone who did not recognize it, this is a drum set out of the Rock Band (or Guitar Hero) game which was wildly popular about ten years ago.


Woah! I didn’t know someone made a solution! Exciting. My main caution at that point would be the daw having a latency of useless even with midi ox tacked on. I definitely spent six months messing with that before giving up and using drum brain/ casio keys only for tracking. Once the notes are recorded right its cake!