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Hello Dallas Makers!

I have an antique baby grand piano that I cannot find a new home for. I have been trying to rehome/donate it for over a year but no one seems to want this old baby grand piano. As I am moving into a small small place, it can’t go with me.

Rather than see it go off to the landfill, I would love to give it to a local Maker or Makers that could use it’s fantastic antique parts to create new lovely things.

Sadly, the ivory keys were removed and replaced by a piano tuner in the 1980s.

The piano is currently intact and functional, located in a single story home in Richardson. It is close to 100 years old, has always been in my family, it plays just fine, but could use a good cleaning and tuning if anyone here would like a functioning piano (a girl can hope, right?)

If there are any Makers that would be interested in some or all of this piano, please send me a message!

I can send photos if that would help you decide.



Hello. My fam had a nice signed Steinway baby grand that we had to do something with when my mom passed. Too hard to sell at a reasonable price, so we eventually found a communiyt college music program willing to accept it as a donation where they covered the shipping and estate got the write-off. Have you tried contacting the various area colleges and university music programs? Even some of the major high schools might be willing to accept?

Best of luck…


Thank you for your reply… sadly, my antique baby grand is a few steps below a signed Steinway and no one has been at all interested in taking it. So glad you were able to find a good home for your piano.

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Hi! I’m interested! Could you send pictures and dimensions?

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Piano is basically 5 ft long x 5 ft wide x 4 ft tall. If you would like more / better photos, let me know! The site will only let me upload one photo at a time.

Oh my I have the very same piano sitting behind me in my office.

Always hoped someone would want it for restoration Gulbransen Walnut Baby Grand Piano - Antique Piano Shop

I know what you mean… I saw that same post earlier this year on Antique Piano Shop and it got my hopes up that someone would want mine to restore.

Not mine, but certainly a fantastic creative use.


That is wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

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