PfSense Router box for taker

The individual who was originally taking this never got it, so it’s free for the taker.

One half depth 4u chassis, with an AMD APU motherboard and two onboard NICs. Was used as a PfSense box before I upgraded (needed a beefier build for Snort and some other items). Just needs an SSD to run PfSense from since I never resell drives.

I’m also going to be letting go of a 24 port Unifi POE switch once my new one arrives as part of the network shuffle. Works great, just downsizing to a fanless model for my desk rack. That’s not a freebie but it you’re interested drop me a line.

EDIT: The switch ended up being available today; if anyone wants it make me an offer. Network upgrades went exceptionally smooth.

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I’d be interested in it.

I’d want the poe if Male doesn’t

I think @malcolmputer usually uses Cisco or similar but I’ll leave that up to him.

I’d also be interested in the switch if it doesn’t work out above.

It’s all yours.

Flavor of the week is Brocade.

I am interested in the PfSense box if it is still available…