Personal storage bin payment question

I left an envelope on my bin with the $20 cash in it. I checked this afternoon and the envelope is gone but there is no sticker. I wanted to make sure the appropriate people got the envelope and that I would be getting a sticker. My bin is orangish and 15 columns over and two rows down on the larger wall of bins. If the envelope was not received by logistics just let me know and I will put up another one. @Team_Logistics

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That should be @jrkriehn…

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I have had my envelope in/on my bin for over a month and nobody took it…

Yeah, I got distracted… and irresponsible.
And haven’t been over there at all. But doesn’t mean a different “responsible party” didn’t get it. Or the tape let go and it fell down. That’s happened as well. Or the bin got turned around.

No it is still in my bin. I had it on the outside for a while but it ended up inside. If you wanna grab it go ahead and get it out of the bin or if you wanna let me know when you’ll come get it I will put it back on the outside again