Pen Press damaged

Hi All,

Was helping another shop user today just before class and it seems the pen assembly press is having problems again. The plunger is unseated and not pressing properly. In the past @TBJK has been able to repair but I’m thinking it may be time to consider a purchase? @Team_Woodshop .


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Last time I used it, it was very difficult to press. I would vote for a new one as that one is ancient and has seen better days.

Didn’t you recommend one a few years back when we were thinking we needed to? Which one was it?

I think so!

Basically this one, as its the same basic design but half the price of the PSI brand.

This is a bit pricier but I’ve been eye balling this pen press/drilling jig from Rockler…

I make a lot of pens. I just wack them together with a mallet.

You prefer Mallory The Mallet if I remember correctly?

I have one from Penn state at is 69. I have used it abunxh and really like it. Easy adjustment and easy to disassemble pens with out messing up the barrel

You remember well. I was going to say Mallory the Mallet, but didn’t want to confuse people. Thanks for making and donating it/her.

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New pen press is in the drawers in lathe area.