PEM Electrolysis

Hey guys,


I’m new to the Makerspace and just wondering what are the best ways to access items in the electronics room. Looking to use DC alligator cables for a 36 amp system, so maybe 6 guage wire.

Also, I’m hooking up a PEM electrolysis cell to generate hydrogen if anyone likes chemistry


I know of no cables of that size in Electronics.

You’re in the territory where a cheap set of jumper cables from Big Lots would probably be the cheapest solution.


The Science Department is right next to the Electronics Lab. Their fume hood has yet to be connected to a proper ventilation system. So,
no experiments with your hydrogen generator inside the building.

Edit: Added “no” before the word “expeiments”.

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we have a chemistry lab…

Why does he need 36 AMPS?

To make lots of Hydrogen and Oxygen really fast?!

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The 12V 36A is indeed for the PEM. I have a 50Amp AC to DC converter to use as power input.

“Really fast” is a relative term! And the hydrogen and oxygen are separated and uncompressed, which makes them much less dangerous.

It’s part of a larger project I have with students in Nigeria to launch weather balloons.


Promise I won’t be filling up the 4-foot balloons at DMS. Maybe a few tiny ones (1-2 liters), if the science department allows it.

You should discuss with the Chair @kobin

I invited him to science committee meeting on Sunday, so he could meet Kobin and everyone else that comes


Welcome Nick! Since the fume hood is not operational yet, it’s best to do any hydrogen and oxygen generation by electrolysis outside the building. Rich (and the fire marshall) would be happier that way. We’ll have to see what’s allowed by city code, maybe a small volume would be acceptable. Feel free to come by Sundays around 2:30pm for our informal meeting in the Science area to discuss details.

Great, thanks kobin. I’ll bring some of the materials and datasheets, so we can talk at the meeting. Looks like the drone/UAV group has had some High Altitude Balloon interest in the past, so I’ll connect with them as well.

Sounds good see you Sunday!

Kobin Caddick
Science Chair Elect
Dallas Makerspace

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Oh cool, some avatar swagger. Just sent over the request in their group. :smiley:

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