PCB Mill Status?

Hello @Team_Electronics (and @Team_PCB_Mill ?). I can’t find any recent discussion here about the status of the PCB mill. I seem to recall some years back that it was undergoing a rebuild. Has that been completed? If so, is there any sign-off or other training required? And if not, how can I help?

Not an urgent need for me, but I’ve got an idea percolating that will eventually need some PCB iterations and a mill at the Space seems ideal, but I will buy one myself if there is no hope of seeing the committee’s mill operational in the near future.

Thanks in advance.

Like many DMS group projects, this one hit ~90% done …and stalled. From what I recall the remaining things to finish are the fixturing and the software. Also need to replace the wood enclosure w/ plexiglass. Details, details, details.

Are there plans in place for what to use for fixturing and software? If the committee has already decided what direction to go, I am happy to provide some fresh energy.

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Going on memory recall here.
System was tested with Chilli Pepper - on line.
Z axis topo mapping was tested and worked.
A member of the Sig came up with some kind of camming design for the fixturing.
Cams were 3d printed. Not sure if they were tested.

Some decisions need to be made -
Software - stand alone or tethered to some on line site.
File compatibility with PCB software.
Finalize how to hold the board - the fixturing.
Set up for 2 sided boards?
Tooling - committee supplied of bring your own?
And so on.

I formed the Sig so that those with needed knowledge base / experience.could proceed. A lot of good work has been put in to the project. It’s the final details that take the longest to get done…