Pay someone want to remove some malware from my website(s)

Does anyone want to remove some malware from my website for cash?

Could be an ongoing maintenance agreement.

Heres the file off my server

Feel free to call me brooks @ to one four 931 two626

home2.doc (138 KB)

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Just make a backup of the files/database with tools like All In One WP Migration from ServMask. Then either manually delete the rouge PHP or use another plugin like Securi or MalCure.

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Thanks for the advice. Still looking for someone to do it, I know I’ll break something

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some context questions:

  • do backups of the sites exist? If so, what kind of backups are they? (i.e. backups of the whole hosting server, raw backups of the site files / database, or some form of plugin/vendor made backup software)
  • is this a shared hosting environment? (i.e. are other users on the system besides yourself / your sites?)
  • what’s the level of effort for recreating content? Looks like the malware may just be php files which can be removed, but with wordpress hacks like this the concern lies in how they gain persistence outside of the immediately identified files (i.e. did they slip in additional sign in users, change passwords, tamper with legitimate code files, etc). Cleaning the rest of that stuff up often isn’t worth the effort since if you miss one they just keep getting back in.
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