Parts washer lights

Is there a secret handshake to getting the parts washer lights to work?

It wasn’t working a couple weeks ago. Probably needs a new bulb.

needs new bulb and housing. @TLAR was originally going to get parts but at this point I’m thinking we can try and find something else suitable for it if not an original replacement.

I used it today after I cleaned the glass inside and out and cleaned out the strainer(needs a new sock).
I’ll check with a local lamp/bulb wholesaler near my store that is one if my vendors for that light and guard this coming week.


One bulb is smashed, the other isn’t lighting. Is it 120v? If so some 12v waterproof led strip lighting would be much less fragile and put some people’s fears of it to bed.

The bulb is 220 volts.

What type of lamp is it? Standard “E26” medium base? Wattage?

Just wondering… many LED lamps have operating voltages of 100 - 220v.

it’s a bayonet mount from what I was told. Hoping to get a look at it today just to get it back to running.

@skyspook removed the existing light fixture in the unit last night; an LED replacement has been ordered to try out. This unit runs on 220 so transformer etc will not be required. It’s a sealed housing for industrial equipment that will mount on the top of the machine rather than the wall.

EDIT: should be here tomorrow. I may or may not be around to install it. Justin if you want to install it go for it.

I should be there tomorrow night for a bit, so I’ll keep an eye out for it.

Got light?


Awesome! Thank you. Been sick the past couple of days and didn’t get back to it.