Parts & Help needed $$$$$$$$


Hi all,

My post was flagged but earlier today I spoke with a couple of committee members who explained that posting and offering a pay position is OK. If I am over looking a rule, please PM and explain where I am over stepping. I will gladly comply.

To begin with, my project is a Vertical Axis Wind Turbine and I have preliminary funding to build a prototype.

This project requires a few specially machined parts along with constructing a tower to hold my Wind Turbine. I am not trained on any of the metal shop machines. That means I am a beginner when it comes to those tools. Part of my project requires a 33 grooved spline about 18 inches long. Yikes! Help!

I am in need of welders, machinists along with an Arduino programmer to program a few stepper motors. In addition there’s an ultra sonic anemometer that I want to further research and build. Anyone up to the challenge? (I hope) I can do a lot of this myself but it will take too long to get everything done.

These are all paid positions and I would like to build a team to help me with this project. I need to move rather fast because the sooner I have one finished unit the sooner I get my second round of funding.

Please feel free to contact me any time just to chat about it.

I guess it is ok to leave my number here since I already get a ton of span calls :slight_smile:

214 564 1843

David Stanton


The appropriate forum for this is “MakeTrade”, and only one post is necessary.


Hey, thanks.

I am new to this forum and was only trying to hit the areas that I needed.

I appreciate your help and input.