Part Time/Odd Job CAD Help Needed

I am looking for some help to design a hull for a new unmanned boat. I currently have a small business building these with some semi-primitive but effective hulls (limited by my poor CAD skills). It’s time for a new design. I have some concepts/ideas but would like to sit down with someone to help render and get this into a DXF I can laser cut, fold and weld from aluminum.

This is a paid gig - please respond here to PM me for more details and your hourly rate. Happy to meet at the space, starbucks, or wherever. While this is a one time gig for the moment, I do have random cad projects from time to time.

Thank you!

I may have a student that I can assign this to who is learning and can make it his learning project if you are interested let me know

Just PM’d you

If this opportunity is still available, please let me know. I’m in advanced 3D and 2D CAD user and teacher. I know just about every major cam CAD system on the market today. 817-313-7923. I’m also a mechanical engineer and licensed and bonded to do work in the state of Texas

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Is this gig still available?