Paragon Kilns for sale

I noticed 2 Paragon Kilns for sale on an auction website. One is 21 x 19 the other is 18 x 18.

I’m new to DMS and ceramics so they are a bit out of my comfort zone. However, I thought others with experience and knowlege might enjoy; especially in light of our current curcumstances. The auction closes tonight.


That’s a local company, I wonder if we’ve ever contacted them?

For what? They’re an auction house. To sell equipment?

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Paragon is a local company, they are in mesquite

The used kilns are old cone sitters you manually turn up. Just my opinion, the kiln from this action house are way to high for their age.

The local Paragon company does sell scratch and dent models. I did not see any bargains the last time I was there. They were still costly.


Yeah, but they only sell through their agents. And I think they discontinued their factory service. I hauled one of our kilns over there for repairs once.