Pan and box brake and foot brake class?


Is there a class on the pan and box brake and the foot brake? If not, is there anyone that can teach me to use them?


@TBJK puts them up periodically, usually on a weekend. Can’t recommend them highly enough. Fun tools to use, too, though I’ve never made anything useful…


It’s fun exercise! There is all that jumping up and down - and getting your friends to jump up and down with you … :grinning:


Some people have to get more friends to help than others ;-).


I don’t think of it as needing more friends … I just think operators have different “Gage Ratings” … just wild speculation here, but I’d guess my rating might be different than Chris’s. :wink:


Are you referring to caliber?


While waiting for someone to show you how to use the brake and shear, you can read the manuals. This is the one for the brake:

Here is the manual for the shear:

I made an audio recording of Tim Bene’s 1/15/17 class on how to use these tools which includes some safety information and recommendations not covered in the manuals, I can put it on a thumb drive and leave it for you if you tell me where I can leave it.