Pallet Racks for Robot Combat Arena

Dallas Area Robot Combat is looking for pallet racks to build our arena. This will allow us to setup and breakdown the arena quickly and transport it easily. I’m planning on an 8’x8’ arena by doubling up two 96" shelves next to each other.
Like two of these…

Does anyone have any connections on obtaining some shelving like this, maybe we can get a better price or partial donation?
Any feedback would be helpful as I have never worked with this type of shelving before.

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You could use the pallet racks currently over jewelry in the workshop if you help relocate the current things on them.

Oh look, a completely empty shelving unit with 50% more shelf area than current configuration over jewelry looks to be available to free up the pallet racks

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that sounds perfect, are there any pictures of the shelves, or dimensions?

I would ensure that DPRG and RC committee are firmly onboard with this idea before proceeding.


DARC is the Robot Combat Interest Group, we’re not associated with DPRG, we are an interest group underneath the RC Committee.

The pallet rack shelving over jewelry is roughly 4x8

Do-ocracy does not require unanimous consent, is dprg going to object to getting more storage space? Unlikely

That’s the perfect size, I’d like to check with whoever “owns” the shelves. Are they just considered general storage or are they owned by a committee?

They should be asked as they may have an objection. Plus yhey have a rental agreement with DMS - if you’d been at the BoD meeting DPRG storage was specifically discussed.

Right now being up high reduces chance of theft and or damage. So, Yes, they may care. The involved committees should be making these decisions or the BoD.

Suggestions welcome - but hands off moving anything until approved by the interested parties is a good policy.

I would include Jewelry/Small Metals into the discussion if this change results in regular access to the area above their heads as well as the possibility of dirt dropping down.

If they are owned by anybody, it would be Logistics which is in charge of storage.

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They are general DMS shelving currently being assigned. RC is using one of the shelves, just sliding the RC stuff to the other blue shelving would free it up for your use (of course you would have to store it somewhere outside DMS). DPRG is not a committee and only requires some amount of relatively cold storage anywhere on site, so we can move the DPRG stuff to the other 4 shelves.

If you would like to relocate the materials on them just do it, if you want help I can come up and help move stuff. The current DPRG storage location was arbitrarily placed in its current location by me about 9 months ago, the idea that we should abandon do-ocracy and it should now take a committee of planners and red tape to arbitrarily move things outside committee floorspaces 50 feet over to try and improve DMS is ridiculous.

Moving stuff around is the perfect do-ocracy example, it is trivially reversible, so if we realize it was a mistake after the fact we can move the stuff back, in the name of progress it’s better to do something then see if it’s better, rather sitting around arguing forever speculating on if jewelry would prefer to be located in a cave.

Robot Combat is a Special Interest Group, and as such they have no right to any storage space beyond whatever their sponsering committee (Aerospace/RC) is willing to allocate. It isn’t ‘doocracy’ to co-opt space for special interest groups without the authorization of those responsible for that area. Doing so can result in your material getting put in offsite storage and then thrown out after a month.

Talking is ‘being excellent’, our highest guiding principal…

Do-acracy is a creed at DMS, but the main concern is that you often do not communicate with affected committees. I don’t expect you would be happy with DMS members who have nothing to do with Auto re-arranging your area or toolboxes. We are now at the size that asking for forgiveness is no longer a good way of operating.


How do I contact logistics?

If all that fails, attend a Logistics Committee Meeting:

Logistics holds a weekly meeting starting at Solar Noon on Saturday at the Space. We congregate in the Common room before going on our various supply runs and fixing things throughout the Space. If you would like to join Logistics, just come by and help. If you want a say in how Logistics is run, just come by and help. If you would like to complain about how Logistics is run …

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Thanks, I’ll shoot him an email.
I was looking for a more direct route than the helpdesk, but that would have been my next move.

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I’d love to know if that works. It’s purely a guess on my part (though I’d SWEAR I’ve seen that address posted SOMEwhere before, I can’t prove it right now).

It hasn’t bounced back yet, so it seems like it’s a good address.

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Those shelves will need to be moved. There is an electrical disconnect that cannot be reasonably accessed with the current placement of the shelves.
I suggest moving the air line to the wall next to the Reloading Committee door, and then scooting the shelves to the corner, or removing the shelving completely.

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The DMS board (Alex Rhodes, Robert Davidson, myself) met with DPRG representatives to re-negotiate the contract. One of the items we discussed was the specific shelves they would use. I proposed the use of the newly-released automotive shelves, but the offer was ultimately declined.