Paid restoration of slot machine

Howdy folks,
I have a friend who needs a slot machine restored. I don’t have the slightest idea about gambling but he said something about it being an authentic balley’s slot machine and he is willing to pay a fair price to have it restored. Is this the right place to ask?

Here’s a pic of the machine


I’m not familiar with the art of slot machine restoration, but it’s possibly something we could take a look at. What exactly isn’t working?

Also we’re more of a collaborative entity to facilitate individuals interested in learning about repair & carrying it out for themselves. There may be someone willing to contract a resto job, but I bet most of us have way too many projects going on for ourselves as it is. :stuck_out_tongue:

The battery usually is what goes bad and causes the slot machine to stop working. The two I fixed over a year or two ago just needed the batteries replaced and I had to get a reset chip to get mine going. They were IGT. Not sure if the one you have is IGT or Bally Williams without doing a little research. There is a bunch of info out there on the older model slot machines. I was able to get the new battery and reset chip from eBay.

Between my full time job, helping take care of my parents and working on my own workshop and projects I have absolutely zero free time to take on anything else at the moment.

Greg Higgenbotham of Legacy Entertainment does arcade, jukebox and I think also slot machine repairs if you decide the repairs are outside your abilities.


He wasn’t too specific, I don’t think he’s very acquainted with electronics. But I am, and I’m willing to learn if anybody is willing to offer their guidance. If so, should I just tell him to bring it up to the space? Or do I need to arrange for a corner of the vector area to put it or something?