Oxygen regulator

Hey all,

Does anyone have an Oxygen tank regulator I can borrow for a bit?

I had one, but can’t find it right now… want to see if there’s anything left in the bottle before I buy another one as I’ll likely be buying a different bottle if this one is empty.

Looks like this:

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If you have one, and don’t actually want to let it go for a bit, I’d love to swing by with my bottle, just to see how much is in it.

So I don’t know if this is helpful with your bottles but for my map gas bottles I use for glass I just weigh them. An empty weighs like 1.25 so any thing above that has some gas in it.

You may be able to Google the empty weight of your bottle and just work from there. It’s not precise but at least for the work I do it’s been close enough for government work.

Might suggest you go by Metroplex welding. I would suspect they would help you with this for free. They have been quite friendly in the past.

Also if you want to own one. ebay seems to have thme for really cheap. LIke 15 or so dollars.