Over 10 years of Fine Woodworking magazine

From 1990 to 2001, I subscribed to Fine Woodworking. For me it was a lot like Playboy- great pictures of great pieces of furniture and detailed construction methods and tool reviews (altough I don’t recall reading much methods in Playboy,)
I never got into hardwoods but many joints and hints went into my pine projects. I finally stopped when I realized that if I invested in some serious tools, I would soon have all the limited empty space in the house full of finshed stuff and have to get into selling, etc.
So I have the issues listed below in very good condition and would like to get about $1 each for the 66 issues by my count (bi-monthly, 6 a year) $66 or I will consider offers. Mike Firth

1983	Jan/Feb, Jul/Aug 
1990	Jan/Feb, Jul/Aug
1991	Full Year
1992	Full Year
1993	Full Year
1994	Full Year
1995	Full Year
1996	Full Year
1997	Full Year
1998	Missing Mar/Apr
1999	Missing May/Jun
2000	Missing Mar, with 25th Anniv..
2001	Missing Mar
2002	Winter only  
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when i went to grad school at North Texas, I spent my down time between classes in the Stacks. i read everyone of these. fantastic resource.

i recommend these to anyone new or experienced in woodworking. Fine Woodworking has experts from around the world. they teach both basic and expert level skills. The magazines are showcases. It is all so beautiful.


Thank you for the support,

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@Team_Woodshop @shoottx
This would be a great investment in learning for the woodshop.

If the Woodshop were to invest, it would be the digital edition that could be loaded on a shared site for access by the whole space

But thanks for the offer

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There is still value in holding and gazing upon words and pictures.

That visceral feeling… Like gliding a hand across a soft sheen finish across a polished board…

Although I was not clear enough, I was not expecting MakerSpace to buy the mags, I meant to see if anyone interested in woodworking might make an offer. Rather than the effort of ebay, if they would be kept, I might donate them. Question: would sharing electronic files violate copyright?

I would be interested in buying them assuming they are still in readable condition. @Mike1942f
I was just about to post and see if we had access to any of the periodicals (Fine/ Popular woodworking) within the shop as well.

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