Outside work area

Is there any possibility we can have some form of awning in the back?? The gathering we had on the 12th was totally off the chain and I , for one, would like to see it happen again.


There are a few ideas that have been discussed. I wouldn’t imagine we’ll see much movement in that direction until after the expansion opens, but hopefully after that we can get something going. Until then, we do have easy-up awnings if necessary.

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Our lease specifically states “No awning shall be permitted on any part of the Premises.” This is not an artifact of Expansion; it has always said that.

However, I asked Ethan to investigate a retractable awning (which Blacksmithing would pay for from committee funds). I would take that to the Property Manager to see if we can get approval. We will have to have drawings and photos before they can even consider it.


I kind of expected a problem with the landlord, fire martial, city zoning dept. or all three. I am glad the possibility is at least being researched.

We have some of the smaller Pop-up tents. Here’s some options to explore that are reasonably priced solutions. No attachment to buildings (landlord issues), set-up and take-down on weekends so no real issues.

Could be used for other DMS functions: Picnics, motorsports, open house, outdoor events (would like to see night-watching/camping events), Maker fair, etc. Using multple sizes would allow us to configure as needed for events

Two 20’ x 20’ Pavilions less than $1,000
Two 10’ x 30’ Pavilions less than $500
10’ x 20’ Pavaliion
10’ x 30’
20’ x 20’

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Clarification. I gave @EthanWestern the option to investigate it. You will have to confirm with him whether that is in the works.

Yes, definitely investigating it. Have simply been waiting till closer to the expansion to propose anything


I have a couple of 10’ x 20’ pavilions I would be willing to give to DMS.

They look something like this:

except that they have galvanized pipes and do not have footings.

They require some work to put up and you will need to figure out how to anchor them on pavement (often they are tied down to five gallon buckets filled with water or you can tie them to a car) and they need a place to be stored when they are broken down.


We’d be happy to have them. Thank you!

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Anchors can be drilled & Eye bolts put into those anchors to tie them too. Then you never have to worry about tying them to cars. There are plugs you can then put into the anchors while not in use so they can be re-used.

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Tell me where (and when) to deliver them.

Below is the link to the manual for these tents (except my tents do not have foot pads):

The Where would be best at DMS. I’ll meet you if at all possible- if not they can be placed in the blacksmithing area and we’ll get them properly stored.

As to the When, I can meet you pretty much any evening after work or pretty much anytime on the weekends. If I can’t, I’ll work with @EthanWestern and one of us will.

I will bring the canopies to the blacksmithing area (in the welding room) this Friday 1/18 around 6pm.

You or DMS will need to provide the cord to tie down the tent when it is set up.

Sounds like a good plan. Thanks!

I am at DMS but there is not place to put the tent.

Call or text me at 214-212-3241

Have these ever been set up??

Yep, although we didn’t set it up yesterday.